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Mission Dialogue-Sewers

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Story Dialogue

Power Pink: Hello (PLAYERNAME). As you might have guessed from the smell, you are now in the sewers. This is our playground.
Power Pink: You’ve probably heard about the famous Gamer’s HQ? Well it IS her, but you’re gonna have to find it on your own.
Power Pink: Apart from that, we organize challenges to recruit the best gamers for the Resistance.
Power Pink: You should try your luck!

  • Doyenne: Oh, (PLAYERNAME), you’ve found the Gamers HQ, that’s good.

Doyenne: Hm…As far as I can see, you haven’t won every races and Gameball challenges yet. Come see me again when you have, you can find the challenge area in the lower parts of the sewers.
Doyenne: Off you go now ! Don’t make an old lady wait.

Tournament Race 1:Speed

Veelan: Alright (PLAYERNAME), do you feel ready to pass the speed test ?
Power Yellow: Wait, I’ll explain it to (PLAYERNAME) just in case…
Power Yellow: So it’s like this, we organize race and Gameball challenges to choose the best gamers in the Resistance.
Veelan: This is the first race challenge, and you have to win it if you want to practice in the next one.
Veelan: Tell me when you’re ready.


Veelan: Well played (PLAYERNAME) ! I do appreciate talented people
Veelan: One speed challenge down, only two more to go.
Veelan: Go see Greendy for the second challenge, and prepare to jump.
Veelan: Well, now that that’s over, I have plenty more important things to do, I’m out.

Tournament Race 2:Jump

Greendy: Hi (PLAYERNAME). You won the first challenge ? You’re quick, I like that.
Greendy: That being said you, shouldn’t forget about jumping when you want to win a race, show me what you can do.
Greendy: Well, are you ready ?


Greendy: Wow ! If I was someone to give compliments, I’d say you impress me (PLAYERNAME).
Greendy: Keep winning those challenges if you want to be one of the best.
Greendy: The next and last challenge is a grind oriented race, Power Blue is waiting for you so hurry up already !

Tournament Race 3:Slide in the Sewers

Power Blue: Hi (PLAYERNAME). Let’s run that last race, shall we ? This one is grind oriented.
Power Blue: By the way, you like to grind right ? I do love grinding, it lets you gain speed and hoverheat.
Power Blue: Let me know when you’re ready.


Power Blue: Yeah ! Awesome ! You’ve won all the race challenges.
Power Yellow: (PLAYERNAME), you need to win all the challenges to be chosen for the Resistance. Have you won all the Gameball challenges yet ?

Tournament Gameball 1:Gameball Tournament Quarter-Final

Watabax: Oh, it’s nice to see you here (PLAYERNAME).
Power Red: Wait, I’ll explain gameball to (PLAYERNAME) Just in case…
Power Red: Here’s the thing, we organize races and Gameball challenges to choose the best Gamers of the Resistance.
Watabax: I’ll be the first to test your skills on the Gameball field.
Watabax: Well, are you ready?


Watabax: Great ! You’ve won your first gameball challenge. Now go see Captain Krumball, she takes care of the second challenge.

Tournament Gameball 2:Gameball Tournament Semi-Final

Captain Krumball: Ok so you succeeded in the first challenge, let’s move on the next one.
Captain Krumball: Do you think you trained enough ? Let’s start the second challenge if you’re ready.
Captain Krumball: So, are you ready ?


Captain Krumball: Yessss ! So Awesome, i’ m so proud of you (PLAYERNAME). You succeeded in the first two Gameball challenges.
Captain Krumball: Liff awaits you for the last challenge. Show him what you’re made of.

Tournament Gameball 3:Gameball Tournament Final

Liff: Yo (PLAYER NAME), how are you ?
Liff: I heard you won the first two Gameball challenges.
Liff: Congratulations.
Liff: I know you can win the last Gameball challenge
Liff: So, are you up for it ? Tell me when you’re ready.


Liff: Congrats ! I knew you could make it. You finished all the Gameball challenges.
Power Red: (PLAYER NAME), you need to win all the challenges to be chosen for the Resistance. Have you won all the race challenges yet ?

Story Dialogue

Doyenne: yes, it’s ok. (PLAYER NAME) won all the challenges.
Doyenne: (PLAYER NAME), come see me in Gamers’ HQ. I have to talk to you.

Doyenne Chase:A pass for the Prison

Doyenne: Here you are (PLAYER NAME), are you well ? Congratulations, you and the (TEAM NAME) team have proven that you can be trusted.
Doyenne: Now that you’re a part of the Resistance Elite. We’ll be able to count on you to infiltrate more dangerous areas.
Doyenne: (PLAYER NAME), are you interested in a little test to obtain a prison hacking kit ? Are you ready ?


Doyenne: Very well (PLAYER NAME), you got the hacking kit to access the Prison.
Doyenne: But please, be careful ! From now on the police will go harder on you.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME), find me in front of the Prison for more information on your mission.

Liff Gameball:Breakers Invasion

Liff: (PLAYER NAME), you’re coming just at the right time ! Breakers are going to raid us.
Otello: They are currently hijacking a Gameball storehouse, I will not be able to hold them back for a long time.
Liff: (PLAYER NAME), can you help me limit the damage ?


Otello: Bravo! Liff, you were so awesome !
Liff: … Thanks…
Greendy: Do you guys need a room ?
Otello: Ha, you too were awesome (PLAYER NAME)! Watabax will have all the time he needs to give Gameballs back to their owners.
Watabax: That’s good to hear. It’s so tricky to keep up the pace! But why does it matter so much for the Breakers to retrieve these Gameballs ?
Liff: To play Gameball ?
Otello: No, actually it’s a good question . . . We need to clear up this point one day or another.

Gamers-Ninjas Gameball 1:Don’t play with your food

Picasso: (PLAYER NAME), you will never believe what happened. Rodo took my pizzas and said that I stole their food. It’s not even true!
Rodo: Picasso, you little liar It’s the only explanation.
Picasso: (PLAYER NAME), i’ m so hungry, help my get my pizzas back, please.
Picasso: Are you ready?


Picasso: Yahoo! I got all my pizzas back!
Salvado: Crap, they got the pizzas back. . . (PLAYER NAME)was helping him too.
Rodo: Hum…Picasso played well, I think he deserves the food. But now he should know better than to steal.
Picasso: It wasn’t me!

Gamers-Ninjas Gameball 2:Runaway Pizzas!

Rodo: So (PLAYER NAME), we have a problem. Our pizza stocks are running out by themselves.
Eduardo: Yup, and we were not aware of this.
Salvado: And it’s seems that it wasn’t Picasso.
Rodo: (PLAYER NAME), I saw someone running away, it must be our thief. Catch this rascal, this can’t continue.
Picasso: Hurry up. We are Ninjas, we can’t survive for a long time without pizza in our blood.
Salvado: So, will you help us?


Veelan: Okay, you won (PLAYER NAME). I am the one who stole the food, I confess
Rodo: Oh! Veelan, you cheeky monkey! You again? You promised us to stop stealing.
Salvado: Why don’t you go in HQ? They offer free foods there.
Veelan: I’m not a Gamer, I never eat there. And what about you? You could go eat there.
Picasso: They don’t have pizza, and we only eat pizza.
Eduardo: Yup,’cause we are Ninjas.
Rodo: Well, Veelan. As punishment works, you will do the dishes and get our pizza supply for us for a week. And… you will be allowed to eat with us.
Veelan: Ok, fine. But let’s be clear, I am going to do that to save my honour, not for the free food ok?
Rodo; Yes, of course ^^

DarkGamer 5 Race:Marathon



Greendy: Wow! Darkgamer spoke!
Watabax: Waaa!
Otello: Oh no! I didn’t have time to record his voice!
Liff: Damn, I wasn’t there! What’s his voice sound like?
Rooxie: I always thought he was a robot…

Rookie Chase:A pass for Gamer’s HQ

Rookie: Hey, new kid ! Only senior members like me can have a hacking kit for quick access to the Gamers’ HQ !
Greendy: Hey Rookie, whats your rank again ? The (TEAM NAME) team is already at rank (X) !
Rookie: What ? Already ? Oh well, I suppose I can make you pass the test them…
Just tell me when you’re ready (PLAYER NAME).


Well done (PLAYER NAME) ! Hahaha, I’d love to have your youth, and energy (PLAYER NAME). but, after all these years, you go soft.
Greendy: Especially when you keep showing off all day near the toilets, am I right Rookie ?
Rookie: Hey !!
Watabax: Nicely done (PLAYER NAME) ! With this hacking kit, you no longer have to make the long climb to reach HQ !
Greendy: True, for Wata this kit was a real blessing, hahaha !
Watabax: Wow, you’re such a jerk !
Rookie: Oh my god, so true.
Greendy: Pff!
Rookie: The entrance is in that corridor near the toilets (PLAYER NAME). You should take a look.

Story Dialogue

Otello: Ah there you are ! Can you see this big menacing tower ? It’s a kind of HQ for the E-Cop Police. Right down below are the prisons where thousands of citizens are locked up.
Greendy: Let’s free everyone ! Blow that tower up ! Revolution !!
Otello: First things first Greendy. The main priority is to let (PLAYER NAME) and the Gamers enter the Administrative District.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME), you’re going to have to get inside and infiltrate the security system, so we can download an access authorization to the Administrative District.
Watabax: The main entrance is open to citizens. Go there and once inside find a way to connect the prison’s network.
Otello: I’ll contact you again once you’re in !