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Story Dialogue

Otello: Now that you’re inside the E-Cop prison you can connect me to one of their control computers.
Otello: The complaints office is straight ahead of you. It’s the only zone that is open to the public.
Otello: You can notice that there is a corridor behind the glazed wall. A ground with sound detection and a camra have been installed there.
Otello: I bet they are protecting something important. You should begin with that, but hey! Be carefull, ok?

  • Otello: Awesome, you did it !
  • Watabax: It feels so much like one of those spy holo-movies. This is so cool !
  • Veelan: We didn’t watch the same movies…
  • Otello: Three more computers like this one should be somewhere inside the Prison, and one of them has to have citizens’ status file.
  • Otello: When you find the right one, we’ll modify your profile and give you access to the Administrative District.
  • Watabax: This prison is a labyrinth, don’t hesitate to look at the map.

    • Otello: Perfect, you found the first computer !
    • Watabax: Is it the right one?
    • Otello: Doesn’t look like it’s the right one… But it has interesting information about citizens arrested by E-Cops.
    • Greendy: I want to know !
    • Otello: Hmm, it says that prisoners are split into 3 separate groups according to specific criteria like force and intelligence.
    • Liff: But for what purpose ?
    • Otello: Well it seems that citizens considered as tough or agile are being used to build E-Cops.
    • Greendy: Aren’t they supposed to be robots ???
    • Liff: We never were sure of anything, so if I get this right, they’re half organic ?
    • Otello: Yes it seems so. It’s not very clear. I’ll think about this with Potatox. (PLAYER NAME), you take care of the other 2 computers.

      • Otello: It’s the second computer, good job (PLAYER NAME)! I’ll transfer the data…
      • Greendy: It’s taking so long ! I don’t have all day.
      • Veelan: If the greater good of the city doesn’t interest you, no one’s facing you to listen to the conversation. You’re free to go somewhere else.
      • Watabax: Don’t say that to here Veelan, she might join the Breakers…
      • Veelan: That would do us some good…
      • Greendy: Well just to bother you I’m going to stay ! So Otello, what’s the situation ?
      • Otello: Hm, this still isn’t the right computer…. But I managed to get some interesting information.
      • Otello: Citizens with the highest IQ seem to be participating to the development of a new kind of computer…
      • Liff: Participating ? Like forced labor ?
      • OtellO: It’s downright shady… If I’m to believe the schematics I’ve got my eyes on, they’re litteraly getting their brain extracted !
      • Greendy: Ewwwww ! But how can you build a computer with brains ? It’s crazy !
      • Otello: I have absolutely no idea… This is some really basic information, everything seems to be highly secret.
      • Otello: Only one more computer to find, (PLAYER NAME) !

        • Otello: Well done, (PLAYER NAME)! It’s the last computer !
        • Otello: Accessing citizens status file… logging new activity… Ok, I have to declare that you have a job so you can have an authorization.
        • Greendy: A job ?? That’s new !
        • Otello: Um…No. Remember when we took care of your file Greendy ? We declared you were a LazyTech Corp engineer.
        • Greendy: WHAT ?! But… But… Does that mean I’m supposed to go to work ??
        • Otello: Officialy, yes, but with the clone boom things have become an administrative hazard. No doubt they haven’t even noticed your absence.
        • Liff: That was a close one !
        • Greendy: I’m too young to work anyway !
        • Otello: (PLAYER NAME), I just declared you were a line worker at MoreMoreMore Industry.
        • Greendy: AHAHAH !! My job is better than yours !!
        • Liff: Greendy. . . this isn’t for real ! And I thought you didn’t want to work…
        • Otello: having an authorization is nice, now we need the hacking kit to deactivate the holographic barriers !

Citizen Assistance:The creature on conditional release

Potate: Can someone help me? It’s already been 1 year and 8 month that I’ve been queuing here!
Potate: My Fuzz was abducted by a secubox and I never saw him again! They told me to fill out a form, sign some documents and fill out a new form and some more documents!
Potate: I know he’s here somewhere. He did nothing wrong! Well… There were rumors that he had killed thirty people but that’s all. He really didn’t deserve to be locked up!
Potate: There’s are too many people waiting in line, maybe 3 or 4 people! I might have to wait for years! I can’t bear it anymore…
Potate: Can you help me? Search this prison and if you find him bring him back to me, I beg you.


Potate: You found him! Poor thing lost so much weight, he didn’t have anyone to chew on….
Potate: Well now I have to get back home discretly… Thanks again, you’re a good person!

DarkGamer 6: Race:…




Raghost Chase:Best Cover ever

Reghost: Hey, watch out! Don’t step on me!
Otello: Hey Raghost! Everything going alright for you?
Raghost: Yep, everythings fine! You need a new hacking kit?
Otello: Yes, for the (TEAM NAME) team, they need access to the Administrative District.
Raghost: Sure! I’ll unlock one of the cells. Prepare to catch the drone (PLAYER NAME)!


Otello: Well played name(PLAYER NAME)! You can access the second part of the city!
Raghost: You got everything you need? If you really want to go unnoticed I can get you a Rabot DNA-Kit. With the shape of a tiny maintenance robot you’ll be undetectable !
Otello: Sorry Raghost, I don’t think (PLAYER NAME) is interested….
Doyenne: (PLAYER NAME), the Administrative District is the Breaker domain, please look after yourself.

Jail Graffity:New decoration

Frigien Prisoner: I love this place, I even get myself captured on purpose when I’ve got the blues, to recharge my batteries. It’s kind of like my second residences… The only problem is that it’s kinda poor decoration-wise.
Frigien Prisoner:Someone told me that Gamers are pros when it comes to graffitis and you don’t seem to be too bad at it.
Frigien Prisoner:Scan me when you’re ready.


Frigien Prisoner: Yeaaay, Perfect ! Hey, but…. They’re temporary ? What a scam !
Frigien Prisoner: It might be better that way, they say that all good things must come to an end. You can come back anytime you want to amaze my eyes with your art.