Mission Dialogue-Orbital Station/E-Cop Tower

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E-Cop Tower

Story Dialogue

Otello: We’re inside!
Greendy: Who’s got the explosive charges? I’ll take care of that middle pillar over there!
Otello: stop that Greendy! It’s not funny!
Greendy: Wow, can’t even joke around anymore…
Otello: Access to the Orbital Elevator is at the top! We’re so close!
Greendy: Close to making everything explode?
Otello: Close to reaching the Orbital Station to contact the Galactic Union! I really hope you were joking!
Greendy: Ughhh. . .

Orbital Station

Otello: We’re almost there! We’re on the Great Administrator’s Orbital Station!
Watabax: Is it true what people say? That the Great Admin built this station to have the highest tower of all the ECPs ?
Otello: I think so, yes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was hiding something else here…

MUM Score:Overheat

MUM: You are in a restricted area, please surrender yourselves to the nearest authorities.
Otello: Don’t panic (PLAYER NAME), MUM is the AI of the Orbital Station.
Greendy: Not only that. . . From what I know she’s also taking care of the Great Admin as if she was some kind of nanny. . .
Otello: Yes, but that’s not the topic at hand. MUM is vulnerable.
Liff: Open the door MUM !
MUM: I’m sorry, I am afraid I can’t do that.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME), if you successfully overcharge the energy condenser I’m going to show you, I should be able to hack the door !


MUM: Overheat detected in sector 3B45 ! Beginning Cooling Procedure.
Otello: Got it ! Nicely done (PLAYER NAME).
MUM: Cooling system overheating, putting on standby !
MUM: Goodbye.
Watabax: The door is open !
Liff: Well, let’s say hello to the Great Admin !

Great Administrator 1 Race:Chubby but still agile

Great Administrator: The nerve ! Are you aware of the gravity of your actions ?
Otello: What are you talking about ? It’s the city, it is in great turmoil !
Great Administrator: To start your life as an adult with a police record, I feel sorry for you ! Follow me to the detention center !
Otello: Say. . . what?
Greendy: There’s no hope, Otello, he won’t listen.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME) good thing he won’t listen. He’ll be even more surprised when we contact the Galactic Union !
Great Administrator: Ha ! But I won’t let you ! I, too, have been a strapping young lad, once! You won’t catch me that easily !


Liff: Well done everyone ! We have access to the communication tower !
Great Administrator: This is shameful, you are contradicting democracy !
Otello: This is not democracy, you’re controlling everything !
Great Administrator: Oh, that’s not true, I’m not the only one making decisions around here!
Great Administrator: Dear fellow elected by universal suffrage, I invite you to take part in the following vote. The total and immediate destruction of all evidence against us !
Interior Administrator: I vote yes !
Exterior Administrator: So do I !
Economy Administrator: Hmm, I..I vote yes !
Watabax: This is ridiculous ! They are clones of yourself !
Great Administrator: I can’t help it if I have the blood of a leader ! Don’t get in the way of democracy !
Otello: Let’s hurry up before he destroys the precious evidence !


Great Administrator: You’re too late, I destroyed all the proof ! Hahaha !
Otello: He’s lying, I’m detecting storage device in the area !
Great Administrator: Questioning the word of a man elected by the people ? You should be ashamed !
Watabax: We need to stop him from destroying the evidence !
Great Administrator: Why are you so obstinate ? Don’t you understand that justice, which is me, always prevails ?!


Liff: Now Otello ! Send the program !
Otello: Sent !
Great Administrator: What did you do ?!
Watabax: Please, let’s hope it works this time !
Great Administrator: What are you talking about ?...
Great Administrator:…
Great Administrator: It looks like you plan isn’t working. . .
Galactic Union Call Center: Please stand by, you’re going to be put through with Galactic Union Central. . .
Greendy: Am I dreaming or is this a voicemail ?
Galactic Union Call Center: Hello, this is Galactic Union Central. Do you have a complaint ?
Otello: Yes, umm… Hello ! We just sent several evidence of illegal implications concerning the head of ECP 17.
Galactic Union Call Center: Hm, yes… Hm, indeed…
Greendy: Are you going to do something about it ?!! Can’t you see it’s urgent ?!
Otello: Calm down Greendy, this call is too important !
Galactic Union Call Center: We’ll see what we can BZZ***
Great Administrator: Haha, I broke the connection ! Did you really think you could beat me ?
Galactic Union Judicial Center: Great Administrator A57343 elected and in charge of ECP17 , for dictatorial power exposure and intentional and inappropriate disruption of connection with Galactic Union call center, you’ve been condemned to unconditional imprisonment for an undetermined amount of ti
Great Administrator: No, not this ! I have been elected by the majority ! You have no right ! This is all very legal !
Galactic Union Judicial Center: Thank you for calling and have a nice day.
Watabax: Waaaaa !
Liff: Amazing we did it !
Otello: My heart is beating so fast, I don’t feel so good !
Potatox: Well done kids ! What a feat!
Watabax: This is awesome ! Greendy did you see that / We won !
Greendy: I’ll celebrate when everything will get better.
Veelan: Never happy, are you…
Otello; Wow, hey, everyone come to Haven District ! The galactic Union is going to make an announcement ! Everyone knows that the Great Admin has been imprisoned !

Ending Dialogue

Galactic Union: Greetings, citizens of ECP17 !
Doyenne: The announcement is starting ! Let’s hear what they have to say !
Galactic Union: Following the trial and imprisonment of your Great Administrator, I am pleased to announce the opening of the applications for the Great Administrator election !
Watabax: What, already ?
Veelan: They seem eager to move on. . .
Cosmo: Voting is important !
Momo: Yes, very much ! Our future depends on it !
Frigien: We’re not electing another dictator !
Mento: Hey look ! A candidate pledges to improve our “well-being” power!
Momo: Oh, nice I can’t wait for him to put into action many “well-being” regulations and problem management policies !
Potate: A problem free city ? That would be great !
Frigien: Yes, let’s vote for him !
Otello: That’s great ! Social networks are going crazy, who said citizens weren’t involved ?
Veelan: It seems like everything is going a bit too fast. . .
Watabax: Hey, I barely had time to see the other candidates. . .
Galactic Union: After counting the votes and deliberation, we are delighted to announce that the new ECP17 Great Admin has been elected by the majority ! We thank you all for your patience and we’ll let the newly elected mayor give you a word. Goodbye, ECP17 citizens !
Great Administrator: Greeting Citizens ! I have understood you ! And you have elected me ! Let’s start all over again on sound basis and let’s remodel our wonderful city together !
Watabax: Oh no, no way ! Him again ! Didn’t they just imprison him ?!
Otello: I don’t think he’s the same one, rather one of his clones…
Grind-E: You are pathetic. . .
Krow: When will you finally understand that the only way to deal with them is violence ?!
Doyenne: Believe me young man when I say every single act of violence turned against us !
Potatox: Sadly, Doyenne speaks the truth. . . It’s by using the Breakers as example that the Great Admin built the E-Cop factories. Before that, the administration was powerless against is. . . Who knows what he’s ready to do if we become more aggressive. . .
Greendy: But it’s going round and round ! It’s always the same ! People don’t understand that these elections are meaningless, I’m so upset ! I feel like breaking stuff !!
Krow: Well said !
Rookie: All is not lost yet !
Roxxie: Indeed, we’ll wear them down eventually !
Watabax: Exactly ! My motivation is not affected !
Grind-E: Ughh, too many good feelings around here, I’m out.
Greendy: Who’s that girl ?! Who does she think she is ?!
Otello: It’s, uuh. . . no one. Come on, don’t give up !
Watabax: What about you (PLAYER NAME) ! Are you still motivated ?