Mission Dialogue-Administrative District

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Story Dialogue

Otello: You are now in the Administrative district (PLAYER NAME)!
Watabax: Already? It took me so long to get a pass for that district…
Otello: The upper part of the city is for the administrative area and big companies.
Otello: But the lower part of the city, the one close to the factories, is the Breaker’s territory.
Otello: Only Breakers have access to the Orbital Elevator, you’re gonna have to find a way to get it from them.

Breaker 1 Graffity:Let’s cover these hideous graffitis

Breaker Boy: What are you doing here, Gamer? You’re on Breakers territory! Easy enough to understand when you see our graffiti, get the hell out of here!
Watabax: Allow me to say that your graffiti isn’t really that pretty…
Breaker Boy: What did you say to me?! If you’re looking for trouble you’re gonna regret it! Our graffiti isn’t meant to be pretty! It’s here to show people that there are still real resistance fighters! And soon the Great Admin’s Orbital Station will fall!
Watabax: Hey (PLAYER NAME), how about we cover their ugly graffiti? What do you think?


Watabax: It’s a lot better now!
Liff: breakers are crazy, they’re scaring everyone. The district looks like a happier place now.
Breaker Boy: WHAT THE HELL?! You waited until I had my back turned to spray your stuff everywhere!? You’re just stalling for time, but I’ll never let you destroy our secret weapon!
Otello: Secret Weapon?

Breaker 2 Graffity:Misleading Advertisement

Breaker Boy: You again?! You want me to get angry or what?!
Otello: What was that about a secret weapon?
Breaker Boy: Why do you care, it’s not like you guys are interested in weapons anyway.
But I think I understand that we all like spraying graffiti. So I gave you guys a hand!
Watabax: Really? At least we ave something in common…
Breaker Boy: Yeah ! I broke a ton of stuff in town and signed it with Gamers’ graffiti! Haha ! People are gonna hate you now! Now get the hell out of here!
Watabax: Oh no! Quickly (PLAYER NAME)! We have to erase them all before people can see them!


Watabax: Phew, we erased all the graffiti!
Potate: My Locabox has been vandalized again!
Momo: It’s probably those young people hanging around all the time who did it!
Cosmo: It’s most likely one of those Breakers who did it. Young people nowadays are beyond help!
Frigien: Young people over in Haven District aren’t so troublesome.
Mento: That’s right, the Gamers are actually rather helpful!
Breaker Boy: Holy cow you’re really fast! But I won’t let you slow us down in the construction of our secret weapon!
Otello: another one of Warren’s ideas I imagine…
Watabax: (PLAYER NAME), Warren is an old member of Gamer Resistance, a real genius.
Breaker Boy: He’s one of us now! Next time I will stop you and Krow will see my potential! I will finally stop guarding that darn door!
Otello: I know he sounds stupid, but we should take his friends seriously and keep an eye on him.

Breaker 3 Chase:There are breakers in town

Breaker Boy: You guys aren’t giving up are ya?
Otello: Let’s just say we don’t trust you. . .
Breaker Boy: I don’t care! I asked my buddies to break something so big in your name, you’re gonna wish you never met me!
Otello: Quick, we have to stop them before they break too many things!


Breaker Boy: Ugh! I can’t believe this, you’re too strong!
Krow: Since when do Breaker give up?
Breaker Boy: Sorry Boss. . .I did what I could. . .
Breaker Boy: I’m in so much trouble. . . I fee I’m gonna have to be on guard duty…

Breaker 4 Chase:A pass for the Breakers Hideout

Breaker Boy: Ah! Not you again! I can’t see your faces anymore! Because of you I’m gonna have to guard this door all my life.
Otello: Maybe we can help. Give us the hacking kit for your Boss’s room and we’ll make that awful door disappear.
Breaker Boy: Betray Krow?! NEVER!
Greendy: Ok! Well good luck then, by the way, the air feels very nice on the roof of this building where I’m currently standing!
Breaker Boy: Wait ! Ok, ok, I’ll give you the hacking kit, but discreetly. I don’t want to get caught.


Breaker Boy: Ooooooh, noooo! Daaarn, what a pityyy! Daaarn! Boss, one of the Gamers stole one of our precious hacking kits!
Krow: What?! How did they do that?!
Breaker Boy: I dunno, it happened so quickly!
Know: No need to guard that door now, go make yourself useful on the surface!
Breaker Boy: Yes! Very well Boss!
Greendy: It’s always nice to help out, hehe.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME), with this hacking kit it’ll be easier for you to talk to their chief. We need the Orbital Station hacking kit, and only the Breakers can give it to use. We might have to steal it from them.

Krow 1 Gameball:Evaluation Test

Krow: How did you get in here?!
Greendy: We’re smarted than you think.
Krow: Leave or I’ll break you.
Greendy: Easy there big guy! We’ve come here because umm. . . Because the (TEAM NAME) team want to join the Breakers!
Otello: Uuh, Greendy are you sure?
Greendy: Shhhh Otello! Lemme do the talking.
Krow: We don’t need weaklings.
Greendy: Oh I know that, but I was just thinks if the (TEAM NAME) team join the breakers then I might be interested to join too…
Krow: Hm, very well, show me what your little friends are worth.


Greendy: You see that? (PLAYER NAME) is doing alright, right?
Krow: Hm, next time I’ll be testing you myself.
Otello: Greendy, what are you gonna do once (PLAYER NAME) is part of the Breakers?
Greendy: Lemme do this!Keep going like this (PLAYER NAME), trust me.

Krow 2 Gameball Race:Facing the leader

Krow: Greendy isn’t with you?
Greendy: Yeh yeh, I’m coming, so, are you gonna test us or what?
Krow: Yes, a Gameball race, it’s the entrance test to join the Breakers. This time, I’m participating. Show me what you’ve got!


Krow: Yeah ! Suck on that !
Krow: Yeah, you didn’t do half bad. So then, Greendy, you and the (TEAM Name) team can join the Breakers !
Greendy: Oh ? Hm, but, um, in the end I changed my mind. Honestly I thought you were better than that Krowny, you really disappointed me !
Krow: What ?! Wait, I want a rematch, I’m not gonna let myself be beaten by Gamers !
Watabax: You’re going a bit too far Greendy…
Veelan: You’re playing with fire, you little troll…
Greendy: Just trust me !

Krow 3 Gameball Race:A dangerous game

Krow: This time I’m not playing around anymore. Let’s have a Gameball race !
Greendy: Are you ready (PLAYER NAME) ?


Greendy: Well, well Krowny, even when you’re at you best you still can’t beat us ?
Krow: Hmph, you’re never satisfied anyway !
Greendy: There might be something that’ll convince me to join you…
Krow: Spit it out, so we can get over this !
Greendy: Weeell, the (TEAM NAME) team need an Orbital Station hacking kit, we’ve got a great plan to destroy everything in there !
Krow: I don’t have one ! But I can put (PLAYER NAME) in contact with our chief.
Greendy: Huh ? But, who’s the chief if it’s not you ?!
Krow: I cannot tell you. (PLAYER NAME), join me on the roof of the LazyTech Corp, without Greendy !
Greendy: Hey! But, why ?! Where are you hiding things from me ?!
Watabax: Be very careful (PLAYER NAME) !

Grind-E 1 Delivery:The shadowy leader

Grind-E: …
Krow: You took your time !
Grind-E: Who’s that loser ?
Krow: One of us Boss, his team needs a Hacking kit to make a mess in the Orbital Station.
Grind-E: I don’t trust them, they look like Gamers. . . Prove to us you’re serving the right cause ! Bring me as many Gameballs as you can, and I’ll use them to build Warren’s canon !
Krow: Go now , and no questions (PLAYER NAME) !


Grind-E: Hahahaha, very good ! We need more pawns like you ! The construction of the cannon is not going fast enough !
Krow: Not bad (PLAYER NAME)
Doyenne: Grind-E, destroying the Orbital Station will only make things worse.
Grind-E: How did you join this conversation you old witch ?
Doyenne: Join our pacifist resistance before it’s too late !
Grind-E: It’s by not doing anything that it will be too late. Isn’t that obvious ?!
Doyenne: Don’t you understand ? It’s because you formed a team of Breakers that the Great Admin could justify increasing security and punishing the citizens !
Grind-E: What proves he wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t been there ?!
Doyenne: Violence always brings more violence. Without the Breakers, this dictatorship would be long gone already !
Grind-E: So many words to justify your pacifism in the face of adversity! If you are not with me then you are my enemy.
Warren: Grind-E, let me see (PLAYER NAME) before sending them to the Orbital Station.
Grind-E: Whatever you want Warren, as long as the canon’s construction is progressing.

Grind-E 2 Delivery:Fake plans

Warren: Hello (PLAYER NAME), no need to hide it, I know you’re not a Breaker. But don’t worry, neither am I…
Potatox: Of course . . . But remember that Breakers exist because of you!
Warren: Aaah, I don’t have time to discuss this. Potatox ! (PLAYER NAME), the canon’s plans are fake. I created them to keep the Breakers busy, but I constantly have to update them so they can never get the right amount of components…
Warren: You have to plug this USBox before the servers are updated. I know you can do it, will you help me ?


Warren: Thank you (PLAYER NAME) ! This should keep them bust for a while.
Potatox: Warren, you’re using (PLAYER NAME) to correct your mistakes ?
Warren: You’re very resentful Potatox !
Potatox: (PLAYER NAME) doesn’t know you created Grind-E.
Warren: It’s true. But would you have known she’d be impossible to control ?
Potatox: Well, judging from the model that inspired you, yes ! It was obvious it would end badly…
Doyenne: Potatox, stop bringing up such old stories. Warren is with us, and he’s trying his best to make amends.
Potatox: Forgiving him is out of the question, building a robot that looks exactly like the girl who rejected him, it’s. . . it’s just. . . Childish and. . .Unforgivable ! Cough ! Especially when you see the result today ! Cough cough !
Doyenne: Calm down Potatox, you’re not 200 years old anymore…
Warren: I’ll do my best so Grind-E doesn’t suspect anything (PLAYER NAME). If you pretend to be a Breaker, she’ll give you access to the Orbital Station.

Grind-E 3 Race:Impossible to convince

Grind-E: You’ve come for a hacking kit, haven’t you ? Krow and Warrant are surprisingly nice to you, I supposed I should trust them. . .But…
Grind-E: But NO ! You look too much like a Gamer !
Grind-E: Run against me, and if you beat me I’ll think about our deal…


Grind-E: You did good, I have to admit…
Krow: So. . . Are you going to help (PLAYER NAME) ?
Grind-E: What’s the point of giving him a Station hacking kit if we’re going to destroy it ?
Warren: If you look at the canon’s plans Grind-E, we’re far from having enough Gameballs and Secubox scraps…
Grind-E: What ? But I thought we were getting close to finishing it !
Warren: So it might be worth to give them a Hacking kit, right ?
Grind-E: You sound like a Gamer ! If (PLAYER NAME) really wants it we’ll bet it on a Gameball Race. My PRECIOUS Gameball !

Grind-E 4 GameBall Race:The great confrontation

Grind-E: Let’s go already ! Krow, you’ll be on my team.
Krow: Let’s destroy them !


Krow: Wow, Grind-E actually lost a Gameball Race. . .
Grind-E: Grrr, you’re suspicious (PLAYER NAME) ! I don’t like you !
Breaker Girl: Oh no, when the Boss is in one of here moods it’s difficult to talk to her…
Krow: With some luck she just left to pout on the top of some building.
Breaker Girl: In any case when she’s like that, I’m not getting anywhere near her !

Grind-E 5 Chase:A pass for the Station

Grind-E: You cant give up, can you ? Your obstination gave it away, you’re a Gamer !
Doyenne: We can’t hide anything from you Grind-E, the (TEAM NAME) team are with us… But you’ve got to admit they have the potential to overthrow the dictatorship !
Grind-E: I’m tired to wasting my time with you, have that hacking kit, if that’s what it takes for you to leave me alone…
Grind-E: But you’ll have to catch it yourself ! Hehe !


Grind-E: There ! are you happy ? Now don’t EVEN come back !
Doyenne: Congratulations (PLAYER NAME) ! But I fear more difficult times are to come.
Potatox: It hurts me to send young people like them to such dangerous places…
Otello: We know the story Potatox. “If only the Breakers didn’t exist, the Resistance would have an easier job, blah blah blah”. But don’t worry, all Gamers want to stop this awful dictatorship !
Potatox: Don’t picture me like some senile potate ! I still have many wonderful years to live !
Doyenne: (PLAYER NAME), you have access to the Orbital Station, but prepare yourself well before you go !

Citizen Assistance:Butterscotch!

Potatox: Ha (PLAYER NAME)! Your timing is perfect!
Otello: Several of our reprogrammed Secuboxes got away!
Greendy: That’s what you get for giving them sentience…
Potatox: Can you help me finding them?


Potatox: Butterscotch! SeCuteBox! Bo-Belle! Thank you (PLAYER NAME) for bringing them back to me!
Otello: I’m a little disturbed by the names you picked for the. . .
Greendy: Heehe, I’m sure Otello does the same with his programs.
Otello: I don’t!
Watabax: Well, I’m glad for Potatox at least!

Citizen Assistance:You’ll soon be a star!

Potate: Hey, you, maybe you can help me. I’m publishing a magazine, Stadium Adonis, but I’ve got no scoop… Would you know where there’s some juicy event happening? Something stylish and sexy!
Greendy: Hey (PLAYER NAME), get your game on and show him some Tricks!
Veelan: I’m not sure that’s what the journalists is looking for…
Greendy: Let (PLAYER NAME) express themselves! I’m sure they’re going to impress everyone!


Potate: Wow, very smooth! I took a lot of photos! They’re not super sexy, but they’ll do just fine in my column!
Greendy: Super (PLAYER NAME)! You’re a star now!
Potate: I can already see the headlines! A young juvy goes on a rampage and takes pride in dancing on the city’s ruins!
Watabax: But it’s a lie! I thought that magazine was all right!
Otello: Those scoundrels use every kind of dirty tricks to get their sales numbers up!
Veelan: And despite that, you’re buying it, Otello…
Otello: How do you know?! Err… I’m not!
Greendy: Hehehe.

Citizen Assistance:Exercise!

Frigien: Ah, a Gamer! You’re coming just at the right time!
Cosmo: What, no, it’s none of their business!
Frigien: You’re gonna be able to help me Gamer! I’m trying to explain to my friend that he needs to do more exercise! He’s getting all soft!
Cosmo: Not at all!
Liff: Sport is important! (PLAYER NAME), show them nice combos, maybe that’ll motivate them!


Liff: Wow, that was nice combos! Now sire, does that encourage you to do more exercise?
Cosmo: But that looks very dangerous!
Frigien: I never said we had to run and jump everywhere like crazy people! I just wanted my friend to take teleporters more often! It’s very good for the teleporters health!
Cosmo: All of this agitation is making me tired… I’m going to go watch some holo-movies!
Frigien: Now you’ve done it!
Veelan: You can’t always win (PLAYER NAME). When there’s no will, there’s no way!

Citizen Assistance:A disturbing burger

Bloob: Hey! You, Gamer kid! Since my husband’s is gone, I have no one to bring me burgers!
Bloob: Please! In memory of my missing husband!
Liff: When said like that it’s difficult to refuse, (PLAYER NAME).


Bloob: Thank you (PLAYER NAME)! I’m famished! I’ll make short work of this burger!
Otello: It’s very nice of you to be the delivery guy!
Bloob: Burp! What’s this?!
Bloob: I found a hat in my burger’s steak!
Greendy: They give out surprise gifts in burgers now? That’s so cool!
Watabax: Waaa, that’s disgusting!
Bloob: But, but, this is my missing husband’s hat!!!!
Liff: Oh my god that’s awful!
Bloob: Of course not! That means you have a lead to find my missing husband! I can’t wait to see him again!
Otello: There are suspicious rumors about HP+, we should investigate the area.
Liff: I know a guy who knows a girl who knows a guy who works there!

Citizen Assistance:Following in the footsteps of a criminal?

Mento: Hello, HP+ Customer Service, how may I help you?
Otello: We are inquiring about a bloob’s disappearance. We have his hat, I fit’s any help.
Mento: Another bloop disappearance? It’s not of a surprise, they are cloning themselves so much these days… we can’t see the difference!
Liff: Can you help us?
Mento: Hmm, if had a list of the latest obituaries and imprisonments, I could surely help you.
Otello: Perfect! I will deal with teleporting the registers.
Otello: Ready to receive them, (PLAYER NAME)?


Mento: Oh, you brought the register back to me! Perfect! I will be able to look into that…
Mento: At last, well know the krux of the matter.
Mento: Found it! Your friend has been arrested by the E-Cop forces…
Mento: After which he seemingly failed the physical and intellectual aptitude tests…
Veelan: It reminds me of the data we got from the prison…
Otello: That’s not reassuring…
Mento: Ha! He apparently has been transferred to the MoreMoreMore factories!
Watabax: Then he’s probably working hard labor?
Otello: I fear it’s not the case…

Citizen Assistance:Planned obsolescence?

Mento: I love Hypets! They’re really cute creatures!
Greendy: Yeah, that’s right! I love feeding and petting them all day!
Mento: Feed them? You can do that? When my pet fell from exhaustion I just threw it away… It’s much more convenient that way…
Watabax: but that’s awful! (PLAYER NAME), the pet has been thrown away not too far from you, you have to go save it!


Watabax: It’s still alive!
Greendy: Can I see it, can I see it?
Watabax: No! We have to feed it! It’s starving!
Greendy: Pff, you’re no fun!
Liff: The situation isn’t funny Greendy, lives are at stake!

Citizen Assistance:Out of gaz!

Frigien: Hey you! You wouldn’t happen to be a Gamer? I heard you people were sort of nice.
Frigien: My car isn’t starting anymore. It need a bit of energy and I’m already late. Do you have a solution?
Otello: (PLAYER NAME), if you make a combo, the energy aura will be powerful enough to start a car.


Frigien: Wow, it worked, thanks!
Frigien: …
Greendy: Shouldn’t you be leaving now?
Frigien: No, no, I have to let the engine run to reach my pollution quota!
Watabax: That pollution quota thing, what a pain!
Otello: To think ECP were created to make planets viable! We’re doing the exact opposite…
Potatox: ECPs created to clean planets? That’s a good one! If you knew what ECPs were for you wouldn’t be saying that!
Otello: I suppose you’re not gonna tell us more…
Potatox: It’s for your own good…

BBall 1 Gameball:Tainted honor

B-Ball: Hey. Gamers are a rare sight around here. If you’re trying to spy on the rigorous Breaker training, you’re in the right place!
Greendy: Be careful (PLAYER NAME), she won’t stop boasting about being the real Gameball champion. Nonsense! Everyone knows Liff is the real champion! He’s too beautiful for second place anyway!
B-Ball: Ugh. . . Liff this, and Liff that, and Liff did this, and he did that! That so-called champion. Everyone’s talking about him, it’s insulting. Just because he’s cute. I’m disgusted by people who rely on their appearance to be popular.
Greendy: (PLAYER NAME), don’t let her insult Liff behind his back! You know how to play Gameball, now show her what for!
B-Ball: I don’t usually train with Gamers, but I can make an exception for arrogant people like yourselves, that’ll teach you some manners!


B-Ball: Wow, you won? Don’t get carried away though, I went easy on you. But I might have underestimated you.
Greendy: Haha, in your face! With Liff as coach, we can only win. So stop lying and admit it, Liff is the real champion, end of story.
B-Ball: I beat Liff fair and square at/in the last match, which makes me the official champion. I didn’t make the rules.
Greendy: Ughh, more lies.
Liff: Um, not at all, she’s not lying. . . I really lost against B-ball. . .
Greendy: Don’t let yourself be manipulated Liff! You’re more beautiful! Umm. . . I mean you’re stronger!
B-Ball: I see I cannot reason with you. . .
Leave me alone, there are people that need training. We have a revolution to prepare.
Liff: (PLAYER NAME), maybe you should go talk to her.

BBall 2 Gameball:Clash of the Titans!

B-Ball: I’m busy, leave me alone (PLAYER NAME). Go admire that talentless sex-symbol fraud.
Liff: Hey! It bother me that people judge me by my looks, but if you’re starting to say I have no talent then it becomes insulting. Not cool.
B-Ball: Ok, prove to me you’re not so bad. Team up with (PLAYER NAME) for a friendly match against me and my friend.
Liff: What do you say (PLAYER NAME)?


B-Ball: Hm, you won that match. . . I admit you’re kind of talented but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m the official champion!
Greendy: This again? Liff is super talented and he’s the champion, end of story!
Liff: Greendy, we’re civilized people, no need to rub it in her face.
B-Ball: Look who’s talking! The one who’s stealing face from me by posing for underground sports magazines!
Liff: Hey, they asked for some interviews and photoshoots, it’s true. But I never said I was the champion, I even insisted that you were and that you should have been in my place.
Greendy: It’s alright Liff, don’t justify yourself. Your pictures are great by the way.
Liff: Nobody cares about the pictures. Listen B-Ball, I just like to train all day and have friendly match in a friendly atmosphere. I don’t like competition all that much. I don’t want any troubles with you. You beat me, you’re the champion and you deserve that title.
B-Ball: …
Liff: I just want you to stop saying I have no talent because you know very well that’s wrong.
B-Ball: Hm. . . Yeah, maybe I got a little angry there. How about an ultimate game under the glass dome? Come with your friends and (PLAYER NAME), so everyone can see who the real champion is.

BBall 3 Gameball:There can only be one winner

B-Ball: So, guys, ready for some real pro-league Gameball action?
Liff: You know me, I’m always up for some training. And that stadium is really cool!
Watabax: I’ll give you a hand.
B-Ball: We’re ready for you, boys and girls. Come at us!


Breaker Boy: What? Where did the ball go? They’re just too fat!
Watabax: Yeah, (PLAYER NAME), we won!
B-Ball: Impossible. . . I lost against. . . the Gamers!? What’s the point of training, I’ll never be good at anything at all.
Liff: Of course not, B-Ball. You’re amazingly good! And wasn’t this match fun? Isn’t it the whole point?
B-Ball: Yeah, you may be right about that. Though you’re a gamer, you’re still one of the best player I’ve ever seen against.
Potate: What a game, people! What a game!
Bloob: Yes. And we’d like to write about it for our magazine, “Stadium Adonis”
Potate: Absolutely! Are you okay for an interview, Liff? Trust me, you’re frontpage material. Now stand still, I’m gonna take a picture…
B-ball: Here we go again. . . It’s official, I hate you Liff!

Oto 1:Score the superior race

Oto: Heya, you must be (PLAYER NAME) I heard the Breakers talk about you during my last meeting. Think whatever you want but to me, a clone is a clone. I don’t think a clone can be *this* good.
Rookie: Hey! But you yourself are a clone of Otello! And what are you doing with the Breakers?
Oto: Hahaha, enough talk. (PLAYER NAME), if you think you can impress me, let me evaluate you. We shall see.


Rookie: Am I the only one shocked to see a clone of Otello here?
Oto: I suppose Otello lets newcomers think he’s the original, but that’s not true. I am the original, and he’s just a simple clone.
Rooxie: What? Nonsense, that can’t be true!
Otello: Well. . . In fact. . . He’s right. Sorry friends. . .
Liff: You don’t have to apologize, everyone has the right to have secrets and I’m sure (PLAYER NAME) won’t judge you.
Greendy: Damn straight! And besides, clones are people! And Otello isn’t my favorite cousin for nothing.
Oto: I see you’re still holding a grudge against me, cousin.
Greendy: And I’m not the only one, Wata’s still having nightmares about you.
Oto: Wata is. . .No. . . Nevermind. I’ll be going now, I have things to do.
Watabax: There’s something fishy going on here. . .

Oto 2 Chase:Deep Trauma

Oto: Here is the clone again. I’ve got no time for you, I have several things to supervise. Just like some special DNA-Kit I’d like to see transferred to my annex lab.
Watabax: What? A. . . A special DNA-Kit?
Oto: You got that right, my little Watabax, hehe. Now, leave me alone, I have work to do.
Watabax: (PLAYER NAME), this is horrible! He’s talking about my DNA-Kit. It’s MY DNA-Kit he wants to transfer!
Greendy: Oto regularly steals it from him in order to conduct experiments on Wata-clones. He finds their traits excellent.
Watabax: (PLAYER NAME), please get my DNA-Kit back!


Atilla: Err, Boss. . . There’s a problem!
Helio: (PLAYER NAME) just stole Watabax DNA-Kit from us!
Oto: What?
Greendy: Serves you right! You always had trouble dealing with the clumsiness of your Wata-clones. Instead you should mind your tiny little self.
Oto: If all of my clones were with me, I wouldn’t have to look for inspiration elsewhere. When Otello left, he did so without any kind of explanation.
Otello: Well, I couldn’t bring myself to follow you anymore because I decided to work for a good cause. I met someone who helped me realize that I am my own person and that your experiments are evil.
Oto: Yeah, right. . .you met someone? As if clones had feelings.
Otello: But I am a person!
Watabax: Let it go, he doesn’t want to listen.

Oto 3 Race:The power of Love

Oto: Getting under my feet again? I really don’t have time to waste on a clone. Go bother someone else.
Otello: (PLAYER NAME). We’ll never convince him that we aren’t empty shells.
Greendy: Oh, Otello! I know you are going to prove to him clones are as talented as the original! A good old-fashioned race will show him!
Oto: Please, do you really think Otello can beat me? I accept the challenge, for my own amusement.
Greendy: (PLAYER NAME), you should take part in this. After all, you’re just as concerned.


Oto: What?
Liff: Yeah! Otello, you’re the best! Bravo!
Watabax: (PLAYER NAME) was quite good too!
Greendy: Hurry for clones!
Oto: Hm. . . This puts a lot into question. To even think that a clone can surpass the original?
Greendy: Time to check your calculations, Oto!
Oto: No, it makes no sense! I’m sure to be better than my clones!
Otello: I told you there’s no use. . .
Oto: The only possible explanation is… But of course, you met someone! If I do the same with my soldier, their potential can only increase!
Watabax: This is beginning to sound a little weird.
Oto: Now, how can I quantify love… hum, leave me now. I’ve got plenty of calculations to do in my lab!
Liff: I think we won’t be seeing him anytime soon!
Greendy: In my opinion, you’ll easily find hi, on some trendy dating website, haha!

Power Gamers 1 Race:Go Go! Power Gamers!

Power Pink: He there, (PLAYER NAME) ! We have no vacancy for another super hero in our team. But you can still tag along if you want to train with us.
Power Blue: Yeah, we were planning a little warm up race before going on a super secret mission.
Power Pink: Shush, Blue!
Power Blue: Oops!
Power Yellow: So, (PLAYER NAME), what do you say?


Power Pink: Ohoh ! (PLAYER NAME) won! You could have made a fine Power Gamer!
Power Blue: Say, Pink! Shouldn’t we ask him to help us on our super secret stuff?
Power Pink: Hm. . . (PLAYER NAME), you seem trustworthy enough, we’ll let you in on our secret.
Power Yellow: So, first, we’re super heroes!
Power Red: We know that the Breaker have blueprints to build a secret weapon. Warren drew it for them.
Power Blue: And when you hear secret blueprints, that can only mean super-giant robot, right?
Power Pink: Se we’re going to steal the blueprints from them because that’s the kind of weapon super heroes must have on their sides!!
Warren: Guys, seriously, I’m telling you for the thousandth time, the secret weapon is NOT a giant robot. Can you imagine the Breaker slowing themselves down with some kind of giant robot?
Power Yellow: Haha! Warren is in full denial! That’s just the proof we’re right on the money!
Warren: (PLAYER NAME), why are you hanging out with these kids? I’ve had enough of their stories about robots. Come see me, please.

Power Gamers 2 Score:Warren’s exasperation

Warren: Ah, there you are. I’ve got a great idea that’ll keep the Power Gamers busy for a while. Nothing dangerous, don’t worry.
Warren: I’m sure you have better things to do than playing superhero with these guys and that you’d love to see them doing their things on their side, and leave you some space?
Warren: Before I tell you what I have in mind, I want to be sure you are able to help.
Warren: Obtain a high score and I’ll let you in on the plan.


Warren: Perfect! Such agility!
Warren: While you were doing your tricks, I rattled my brain box to come up with some fake giant robot plans.
Warren: Of course, they’re inconsistent and completely impossible to follow, not to mention they need way too many resources. But with this, they will probably get discouraged.
Warren: Go see them and give them these plans.

Power Gamers 3 Delivery:Giant Robot!

Power Pink: Thanks (PLAYER NAME). Now, let’s take a look at these plans…
Power Pink: We need 100 000 Gameballs, 10 000 Quadbots, 5 000 USBox and 1 000 Secubox cases. Wow. . .
Power Pink: Will you help us get all that (PLAYER NAME) ? Take everything you find !


Power Pink: It’s really nice of you to help (PLAYER NAME) !
Power Blue: Se, where do we stand?
Power Yellow: We’re making progress! We have the beginning of a toe… or is it a nose?
Power Red: According to my supercomputer, taking into account the defective Gameballs and weather conditions, we need 34 years and 4 months to finish the robot…
Power Yellow: Oh. . .
Power Blue: It sounds really long, don’t you think?
Power Red: Oh, no, sorry! I read it wrong! It’s more like 340 years and 4 months…
Power Pink: So. . . what should we do?
Power Red: Giant robots are overrated anyway. . .
Warren: Ha! At last, you’re giving up!
Power Red: A spaceship would be a lot better!
Power Yellow: Oh yeah!
Power Blue: It would be so cool!
Power Pink: I would be the pilot! Warren, we need you!
Warren: Haaa! You’re beyond help!

DarkGamer 7 Race:Above the rough area



DarkGamer: …

DarkGamer 8 Race:Bouce, bounce, bounce…

DarkGamer: …


DarkGamer: …

DarkGamer 9 Race:Patrolling between HP+ buildings

DarkGamer: …


DarkGamer: …

DarkGamer 10 Chase:An obscure past

DarkGamer: (PLAYER NAME)! By beating my own scores, you’ve proven your skills to me. Now, I will need your help.
Veelan: Leave (PLAYER NAME) out of this!
DarkGamer: She doesn’t know what she’s saying… Some ill-intentioned men are tracking Veelan. I’d like you to capture them. I know you can do it.
Veelan: I don’t need your help!
DarkGamer: Please, (PLAYER NAME)!


DarkGamer: Well done, (PLAYER NAME)! I’ll handle the rest!
Veelan: I could’ve dealt with it myself!
Great Administrator: Ha, here you are Veelan! Follow me, young lady… and no fuss! Everyone’s worried about you!
DarkGamer: Darts, we have been spotted!
Veelan: Leave me alone! You’re not my parents!
DarkGamer: Sorry (PLAYER NAME), I’m cutting off this canal. Thanks again!

Story Dialogue

Doyenne: Now that you have the key, you may attempt to infiltrate the Orbital Station. But before that, you’ll have to find a way to access the Orbital Lift.
Otello: If you observe carefully, (PLAYER NAME), you’ll notice that we can access the lift through the top of the E-Cop Tower. . . and that’s our way in !
Greendy: So we’re going to climb up the E-Cop Tower ?! Awesome !
Otello: Not really. . . As a matter of fact, we will be going inside the tower..
Watabax: And how will we do that ?
Veelan: There’s a duct we can take to get it. It’s the best way to sneak in there.
Otello: Right ! And remember, the inside of the tower is highly secured. One person has practically no way of getting to the top.
Liff: That’s why you (TEAM NAME) guys will have to work as a team. Check your specializations, a complimentary team is mandatory to get in.
Otello: As soon as you’re ready, go into the tower.
Doyenne: This is it (PLAYER NAME). You’ve really grown since you got out of the cloning vats.
Doyenne: Still, if you think you aren’t ready for that mission, take the time to train, improve your skills and recruit new members for your team.